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Happy 2013!

We are so excited for the new year! There will be fantastic changes coming to The Oinkpad! We will be focusing more on our design options for our clients; including web design, logo design, invitation design, etc. etc!

Looking forward to helping all our clients have an amazing 2013!

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To toss or not to toss…that is the question!

To all you companies and organizations out there..

Who doesn’t love pens? Or stress balls? Keychains? How about bags?

Your silence says it all….

Well, its not that those items aren’t great, but honestly how many pens do I really need? It’s stressful the amount of stress balls I have! I only have so many keys, and for crying out loud my bags are just holding bags!

For those of us who visit trade shows and expos or who receive promo swag on a daily basis there seems to be a lack of creativity out there. Although its true that I am a provider of promotional material, I am also a consumer (and an expo addict!) and I want cool stuff!

This is how it plays out:

Stuff is available - then the part of our brain that goes into hyper drive at the word FREE decides to stocks up! Then, once the high has worn off, we look at our items and grab the garbage can.

There are three areas that promotions can fall into…

1) I NEED THIS, 2) I WANT THIS, and 3) I’M TOSSING THIS. It is no surprise that as a company you want your promo piece to fall into either the first or second category. So make sure it gets there!

Everyone (myself included) wants to want what you or your company is giving away. Think outside the box and put on your creativity hat! Think about where you want your logo to end up - on someones desk, or the bottom of their trash can.

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Mark Graham: Social Media guru. Great information and very timely for ANY industry!

Mark Graham: Social Media guru. Great information and very timely for ANY industry!

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"As we pursue our strategies world-wide, we accept a social and environmental responsibility as well. These responsibilities include the promotion of a sustainable economy and recognition of the accountability we have to the economies, environments, and communities where we do business around the world."
John F. Smith, Jr. - Former GM CEO and President